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  • You receive AgilityLive 6 times a year on time as a digital edition and can read it at any time on all the devices you want
  • You don‘t use any resources like water, paper or transport
  • You will find many ideas for training and new knowledge about your dog in every issue

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  • Du bekommst AgilityLive 6 Mal im Jahr pünktlich als digitale Ausgabe und kannst sie jederzeit auf allen Deinen Geräten lesen
  • Du verbrauchst keine wertvollen Ressourcen wie Wasser, Papier oder Transport
  • Du findest in jeder Ausgabe viele Ideen für das Training und neues Wissen über Deinen Hund

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  • AgilityLive is sent to your home 6 times a year and you save on postage
  • You‘ll find lots of ideas for training and new knowledge about your dog in every issue.

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Welcome to Agility Live, the dog agility magazine that’s a step above the rest!

Do you love dogs? Do you love dog sports? Do you love agility? Are you almost obsessed with the wonderful world of agility?

Then get ready for a treat … AgilityLive has been published (in print) in Germany for 12 years. It’s become a must-read for German Agility handlers, covering current agility events, training and handling tips, discussions about course design and shoe tests to articles on common injuries seen in our canine partners.

And now AgilityLive will be digitally published in English so you, too, can enjoy bimonthly editions of all-things-agility.

The digital English version of Agility Live will not be simply a translated copy of the German magazine; the English version will be specifically targeted towards the English speaking parts of the agility world with topics geared towards your interests.

Don’t miss out on this awesome opportunity to immerse yourself in articles about training, handling and so much more – subscribe now to receive bimonthly copies of the digital magazine. We can’t wait to meet you and welcome you to the AgilityLive family!


How often is AgilityLive published?
AgilityLive is published 6 times a year
Will I be notified when a new issue of AgilityLive is published?
Yes, you will receive an e-mail when a new issue of AgilityLive is published
How does my digital subscription to AgilityLive work?
It’s simple: you log in, order the issues you want and can read them online.
How can I change my personal information (address, payment method)?
Log in with your username and password in your personal customer area and change your personal information there
Ich möchte meine Printausgabe zu einer Digitalausgabe umwandeln. Wie geht das?
Das hängt vom Abomodell ab. Bitte schreibe eine Mail an
I would like to add a digital subscription to my print subscription. Is that possible?
Yes, you can then book our Premium subscription and receive the printed German magazine and the German digital edition in future. The Premium subscription will be available in january 2024
Where can I find my invoice?
You will receive your invoice by e-mail
I have not received the current issue. What now?
Simply send us a short email to
How can I cancel my subscription?
You can cancel your subscription either online in your account or by mail to